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  • lovetoleave:

    A couple of weeks ago I discovered these fine guys while exploring the Isle of Wight. I was lucky enough two attend another show of them in London and again I was not disappointed. The crowd was a bit immature for my taste but maybe this is just me getting old ;) The venue was amazing and I would definitely recommend having a look at both of them. Currently they are having a house gig tour around the place so definitely check if they are playing near you. None of their videos do their live performance justice, they are absolutely magnificent live, so if you get the chance to see them - go!

    Josh Savage - Singer/Songwriter from Winchester

    Jack Williams - Singer/Songwriter from Southampton

    The track above is called ‘Til I Die' by Jack Williams. 

    Also make sure to have a look at ‘Your Lips' by Josh Savage.

  • lovetoleave:

    Recently I saw this chap live at the St Pancras Old Church in London. I was willing to see him live for a while now so I was thrilled to find out he was playing in London. I absolutely adored his performance. The venue was great the only thing that kind of ruined it for me was the audience. However if you don’t mind the occasional scream and 14+ year old girls forming hearts with their hands definitely someone to see live. I will probably wait till he has it’s own headline shows in the hope the audience might be a bit more mature. But in the end maybe its just me getting old! 

    Anyways I really enjoy listening to his music so make sure you have a look at it! 

    George Ogilvie - Singer/Songwriter from Kent

    The song above is called ‘Stay' by Lewis Watson

    Also have a look at his Alt-J and his George Ezra cover!

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